Family adventure

What a breathtakingly beautifully calm family day. The sun was shining brightly and so happy being caressed by the wind that would blow at all the right times. The kids laughter as the wind pushed at them had a smile on my face for hours as we played along the water. It was a family day that was needed and so appreciated. Grizzly made the adventure although all he wanted to do was lay. As the kids played so joyfully they glanced over at Grizz every now and again to make sure he was safe. I loved every minute of the day. I loved looking over at my husband who was smiling at every angle. Whether he was staring at Grizz or looking over at the kids. There were times that I caught him staring in my direction and that’s when my smile softened and my body warmed. At the moments I caught his eyes in my direction I looked up at that sky so blue and thanked God for the miracles that surround us every day. Now I lay while the kids nap listening to the wind filling our home and the Beatles on the radio. What an end to a beautiful day.

 2013-04-14 17.12.17

2 thoughts on “Family adventure

  1. Bulldog Guy says:

    Cool dog.

  2. Francesca Newcomer says:

    Thank you!

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