My smart cookie

I was outsmarted by my daughter today. I had this crazy idea that I would bring the kids to the movies for the first time. I didn’t care if they stayed 5 minutes or for an hour. I just wanted to try it out. The kids have been sick so I wanted to keep them away from any parks, play areas, etc… This heat wave is brutal. I think part of my butt cheek melted off and is sizzling on the concrete. Now that you know how hot it is and why I thought of this clever idea for a movie theater with air conditioning would do wonders. We get to the theater to find out the only animated cartoon is packed with no room for us. This was a big disappointment for the kids who were repeating the words big TV, big TV in tears. As you could tell, the big TV was mentioned in the car ride along the way. To try and lift their spirits and stop them from snot bubbling in the back seat I decided to get fun cookies from the bakery. I came back with a bag of just a few cookies and showed the kids the selection so they could select the one they each wanted. The crying stopped and their eyes widened. Gio picked a rainbow colored sprinkle cookie and Isa was super duper excited to select the M&M cookie. Isannah was beaming from ear to ear and kept talking about her cookie and how she was picking off each M&M and eating them. As she was done she told me she ate M&M’s and didn’t go poop in the potty. See my treat for pooping in the potty is 5 mini M&M’s. Gio gets them quite often as he mastered both the peeing and the pooping in the potty. Isa has yet to really poop in the potty so NO M&M’s for Isa until today. I have one smart cookie! 

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