Through the doors of preschool

I walked through the preschool door to hear the teacher announce to Giovanni that his mommy was here. Out of nowhere I saw this sweet beaming boy pop out of the side wall. A smile as big as the world, running towards me while maneuvering around other students and teachers to make his way into my open arms. My heart just about exploded as I heard him yelling mommy, mommy, mommy the entire way. I can’t possibly put into words the happiness, pure love, joy and appreciation I felt at that moment. As if everything I was trying so hard to do as a mommy was confirmed in that one moment. A moment that is now imprinted in my heart. This is what it’s all about. Isannah and Giovanni completed their first full morning at school. They each explained in giggling detail all that happened at school today. I was giggling myself along with beaming with pride and unconditional love. These two miracles walking along side of me are mine. I still can’t believe they started preschool. Who am I kidding, I can’t believe they are walking and talking. They are two little people now and each day they grow even bigger but not just in size but in heart, in love and in gratitude. May every mother’s first day of school be just as powerful and may it be a confirmation of all the hard work you each face on a daily basis. 

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One thought on “Through the doors of preschool

  1. MaMia says:

    Incredible. The love that is the foundation of their lives will be a blessing to everyone they meet. You and Asher have every right to feel proud. I, the Bubbe, AM KVELLING LIKE CRAZY:) !!

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