A touch

We were in a cab on our way to the city. Windows rolled down just enough to feel the gentle breeze swirl inside the car. I was looking out the window to avoid getting car sick. Thoughts of the evening played in my head and not knowing it but my body was a bit tense. Out of nowhere I felt a calming touch on my leg. My husband placed his hand on my leg ever so gently at just the right time, all of the sudden I felt my entire body relax. I took a deep breath and felt so relieved and reassured.

How can a touch be so powerful? How can a touch lift all the burdens of the day? How can a touch remind you that you are loved unconditionally and admired? All I know is that “touch” is all this heart needs and because of it I was able to relax and enjoy all the evening adventures.

That moment when all you need is that touch.