The Pillowcase

Sleepless in BK so I decided to make my king size pillowcases into standard size by sewing them shorter. Each time I pierced the fabric thoughts of today’s events came to mind. Once I pulled the needle through the fabric it reminded me that God has a plan for each of us. The faster I sewed the more I would poke my finger. I could see that I was getting closer so I sewed faster growing impatient. The faster I tried to get to the end by rushing or skipping steps I would poke myself even harder or have to go back to fix my mistakes. At that moment I realized, everything happens in God’s time not ours. We need to be patient and do things one step at a time, it’s when we skip steps and think we know how to get there faster, we get poked. I began smiling at the realization that in all things you can’t jump ahead, baby steps is what it’s all about. We will get there when we are supposed to, and not before then. 

I guess it’s time for me to fall to sleep peacefully in God’s arms.
Thank you for the pokes (reminders).