Thank a teacher

We have been truly blessed every year with some amazing teachers. From the very beginning when the kids began their educational journey and I was frantic to let them go and worried about how their teachers would treat them, I saw the love and kindness in the eyes of every teacher I met. They reassured me every day that G and I are fine. It’s a beautiful bond to experience and a comforting hand that is very much needed. This year is no different. Not only are they present, available, kind and supportive they are also friends. My family and I have gone through some tough times throughout the years especially this past week and even though my mind was filled with fear and just all over the place those teachers have been present and went out of their way to make me understand that their thoughts were with us all. From the inspiring texts, to the hugs along the way, it’s been a blessing to us all. When people ask me about our current school I simply smile without hesitation just thinking of the wonderful teachers we have had and the staff that has become apart of our life. It’s friendships like these that see no boundaries, no color and no religion. It sees love, kindness and care. We are truly blessed with our kid’s teachers and in return, I would like to say thank you once again.

To all the teachers out there that take care of our children, we thank you. To those who put the needs of their students before their’s, thank you. During this time of year and every day, take time to thank a teacher.

Happy 7 years!

I was thinking about it all day and then finally it was time to get ready. I wanted to take my time so that Asher didn’t catch me in my dress before heading down the stairs. I had butterflies fluttering in my belly and this dorky smile that made my cheek ache but I couldn’t help it. It was date night but not just any date night. It was our 7 year anniversary. What an amazing journey. Now we were hand in hand at our favorite restaurant in the city Bouley. The champagne poured and I was already drunk in love. I kept sneaking stares at him and sheepishly smiling. I just couldn’t believe we were here. I was here. The silly laughter, gentle touches and warm love that surrounded us was undeniable. The meal was amazing. The night was filled with twinkle and my heart was filled with him. May you feel love that embraces you gently but tightly that you don’t ever want to let go. Laughter that gives cheek aches but you just don’t want it to stop. And light that will always show you the way. Spreading my heartfelt love to all of you.

Summer nights in the park

Sun was setting and the darkness was making an appearance as my family and I were listening to the music in the park. The night was hitting the kids and things on our blanket became more relaxed. As Giovanni crawled on to my lap Isannah stood behind me and began playing with my hair. While I was cradling Giovanni in my arms and feeling Isannah’s little hands run through my hair I looked over at my husband who was staring directly at us. My heart just melted and I knew I was right where I needed to be.
Jason Isbell was lighting up the stage and the sounds of his guitar was filling the night air. It was that kind of night.

2015-07-24 20.43.03

You sang to me

Kids are enjoying a cookie on the couch while listening to the music play on the radio. I smile just staring at them and remembering just how small they were when we brought them each home. As my mind drifts I feel the hands of love on my back. You sang to me begins to play in the background as Asher and I move closer together to allow our bodies to sway. I can’t help but sing the song to him as we slow dance in the living room. Giovanni and Isannah look up at us and don’t move or make a sound until the song ends. The love, kindness and appreciation that filled that room could carry us all for years to come. It’s been that kind of day.


Love…it’s unconditional

I don’t understand why people who claim to truly care for you only want to hurt you. If you truly care for someone and you are unhappy or your life is on a low, it doesn’t give you the right to hurt, manipulate, or cause pain and suffering to the one that has helped you because you want others to suffer right along with you. We all go through ups and downs, that’s just life. It’s how we react to each event that makes us who we are. Love is unconditional…you feel it with all you have and give it with all you know. Conditional love is not love at all. We all need to look within ourselves to find who we are. The bad will rise and be carried away as the good will too. It’s up to us to be able to let it go so that something else can come along. Be kind even when it hurts. The world keeps going let’s jump on and enjoy the ride, good or bad.