When you find that Salon

This is a bit different for me but thought it was time to show my thankfulness to someone who truly deserves it. As women (and I’m sure a few men out there) the search for a salon that makes them feel comfortable and makes it easy for them to walk in and know they will be treated kindly, takes a lot of energy and effort. Salons these days are a bit too up tight for my taste and crazy pricy. In my search for salons I read reviews, a ton of them. Did the walk by test and tried everything to find the one that will work best for me. After reading amazing reviews you schedule an appointment. You walk in and meet the amazingly skilled person that’s worked with actors and actresses to find they are really not as great as everyone said. The service is average but the actual product not so good. You convince yourself it’s the stylist first time and she might not know your hair so you give her another try. The second time turns out even worse. Not only does she mess up your hair she gives you a million of non-related excuses. I know I don’t have a stylist license but I’ve been doing my hair forever and it is my hair so it’s been with me all my life. It’s funny how they try to give you excuses and think you will believe them.

Then you have the salons where just walking by them on the street makes you want to walk faster without looking in or the salons that are bothered by your questions. See they are all here to provide a service but it’s up to you to trust your hair, although not the most important thing in your life or world, but it’s yours.

This brings me to a new salon with an old school feel. It’s a mobile salon to be exact. That’s right, you read that correctly. It is a salon on wheels. I see people pass by it when I’m in the area. They stare and talk amongst themselves trying to understand what it is. Then I see those that pop in and ask questions with excitement. This is when Caroline, the owner of Studio in Motion just answers any and every question in a way that makes you feel comfortable. She’s not stuffy or snooty. She doesn’t give you attitude no matter how busy she is at that very moment. She answers all your questions. It’s amazing how friendly she is.

I walked in there one time a few years ago to get a blowout and she immediately identified all the unhappiness in my hair that I was trying to cover. She gave me a solution and actually corrected it. She told me everything that I knew was wrong with my hair. At that point, I had just given up on it because I was so tired of dealing with it. She made me feel comfortable instantly and I’ve been going to her ever since. Her prices are fair and she will pack that mobile bus to make sure she gets everyone in the time she promised. No matter how jammed she gets she makes everyone feel comfortable. Keeps them smiling and gets them in and out in the most pleasant way.

Her clientele is diverse. There is no type or style, everyone is welcomed and everyone leaves smiling. While I’m on her bus I see the oldest old school neighborhood clients to the youngest of clients popping in. She does them all and she’s fair. To find a salon that brings back the genuine neighborhood feel mixed with the new feel keeps you smiling.

Caroline really makes you feel like you are a part of her family during that time you are in her chair until the time you walk out. When I walk in the neighborhood and see her parked in her spot at the corner of Court Street and 1st Place in Brooklyn, I smile knowing she is there. Sometimes I just pop in to say hi because I can.

Saying goodbye to Bishop Ford

Today begins a new chapter in the lives of many but for one most important person it begins with a heavy heart. Today is the last time my mom will walk through the doors of Bishop Ford. A school that began her new journey back home and started with new adventures filled with new friends, love and heart. She started with one job in that school and ended with three. She dedicated her mornings, afternoons, evenings and sometimes weekends to a school she loved. The sadness that comes with a school unexpectedly closing its doors brings forced closure to many lives. Not only the lives of workers, teachers, staff but to current students and past graduates.

This day proves once again that my mom is the toughest woman I know. Her strength shines in all she does. It’s not always up front but it’s hidden in the many ways she handles every day situations. You can truly learn a lot just by observing a person and I’m thankful to learn the most important tips of life from her.

Although I know this day is heavy in her heart and at any moment tears will rapidly flow, she will do her best to show others she is ready for this change. This is another example of her amazing strength. I only hope she is aware of how amazing she is and how very proud we all are of her. Her accomplishments from the day she came to America from Italy on a ship back in 69 to the present day.

She is a true definition of a mother. Her unselfishness and constant care and love convinced me that love does conquer all. Sometimes I rub on her just to see if that beautiful feeling of motherhood transports into my body so I can be more like her.

For me, I see this as a blessing in disguise for my mother. It’s God’s beautiful way of saying, it’s your turn to relax and take all that you accomplished in and breathe. You worked so hard and although scary and forced, what feels like to soon, is something that was needed for you and your body. She may not see it yet but this will be a beautiful beginning of her.


This post is dedicated not only to my mother, my best friend, my angel of guidance on earth but to the hard working staff and students at Bishop Ford that will be forcefully moving on to a new adventure. May today bring beautiful beginnings of new doors opening for all of you.