Pink Ballet Slippers

While I was looking for something in the closet my foot touched something soft on the floor so I looked down. All of the sudden I felt tingles throughout my body. My foot touched the ballet slippers I wore while on hospital bed rest during my pregnancy. I couldn’t help but smile and then almost cry remembering that time. I enjoyed being pregnant. Those memories made me smile until the memories of home bed rest, preeclampsia, hospital bed rest and the NICU surfaced. I tried to block all those thoughts and moments out of my head just to stare back at the slippers and remember the happy time of my pregnancy. Feeling the flutters of kicking in my belly. Watching my belly grow and documented each growth with a photo. I used to love it when my husband took photos of my belly. I could see in his eyes how excited he was too. He enjoyed taking the photos and watching me grow. I just knew it inside that he did. It was a beautiful time and experience. I knew being pregnant would feel amazing but I never knew just how precious the gift could be. I had two tiny hearts inside me to add to my own big heart. All beating together. Each beat brought all of us closer together. It’s an experience I don’t think I could possibly explain but what I do know is it’s a magical time. A time where love grows in a way that touches your toes and curls your hair. It’s a time where you are creating the beauty of life within you. It’s like being born again with a light that shines around you and carries you to safety each step of the way. It’s a beauty of life that opens up a part of your heart you didn’t know existed. All these feelings lead to finally being a mother and holding your children for the first time and thinking, what do I do now besides love them always? I was afraid and to this day still fear that I may be doing something wrong in all the right I pray to do.

Sounds from downstairs

As I was walking up the stairs to get ready for our day I heard dance music pop on the stereo. All of the sudden I heard the excitement in Gio and Isa’s voices. Isa exclaimed to her daddy this was her favorite and although I wasn’t in the room I could feel her dancing and grinning from ear to ear. Gio was following her lead and I was smiling while getting ready. I heard the giggles and laughter getting louder from downstairs. Then I heard my favorite sound. Isa let out her famous woohoo while dancing about. Although I couldn’t see my husbands face I knew the expression he was wearing and that just made me smile and laugh so much more. It was wonderful knowing that all this love, joy and pure happiness was taking place right below me. I couldn’t help but giggle on and off but I didn’t go downstairs immediately. I just sat and closed my eyes to imagine the scene that was taken place downstairs. Sometimes you just want to take a deep breath away from it all to take it all in and appreciate it more. Woohoo!

Happy Saturday Morning!

You are up. You look around and smile. Just think today is your gift from God. You are given another chance to smile, love and do the things you promised you would. Hold your loved ones close. Take them in and enjoy this gift you’ve been given to the absolute fullest. We don’t know how long we have so make this gift the most precious gift you received until tomorrow.

In the quiet

It’s been a long time since the house has been this quiet. The kids are napping upstairs while Grizzly is asleep downstairs. The only sound I hear is the humming of the central air fading in and out. There’s calmness all around me but why is the room so heavy? I feel like my thoughts are pulling me in all different directions and it’s making me so tired. My body so heavy. I try to breathe in and out softly hoping my mind will calm but it doesn’t. Is there a turn off switch so I can stop the thoughts that don’t need my immediate attention or the pains that way heavy on my shoulder. Why can’t I just push those things aside and think of all that is right now in front of me. Like the chance to just relax and take in the stillness of the moment. How do I learn to be in the moment? These are some of my battles within myself that I try to handle with memories of loved ones. Thoughts of the children and special events that fill my days. I do my best to focus on all that is good in my life and I remember all that was not so good to remind me I am who I am today because of all of it. Life is full of many things not all good but this is the way we learn how to truly appreciate the good in our lives. If there was no hurt and pain how would we truly know and feel love and happiness. Things have a way of coming together and making sense. Sometimes it takes a long time to figure out just what that is but in time you do. I guess this is my reminder to myself.  

The Summer Wind

I’m not sure if it’s the cool Fall breeze blowing in the summer air or if it’s the memories flooding this head but it’s sending chills up and down my body. Raising those little back of the neck hairs. I think the kids are feeling it too. They did an amazing job in Super Soccer Stars this morning. It has to be the cool wind blowing around the kids faces because they were full of life and energy. They were giggling and following directions like no other day. The excitement had us all smiles and giddy. When it was time for a water break they ran into my arms. Eyes lit up and smiles reached the moon and back. The hugs were more meaningful if that’s even possible and the love that floated around us today was felt for miles and miles. This is a day I needed. Hoping everyone is feeling the love through the breeze and hugs through the summer wind.  

My Fall in Summer

I’m not sure what it is about today but I’m feeling nostalgic. Maybe it’s the summer breeze that passes through my hair from time to time or the crinkling of leaves under my shoes as I walk around but it’s something. It’s a feeling of Fall in Summer if that makes any sense. I hear the tree sounds as I watch the swaying of branches and leaves. I look all around and I see brown leaves on the streets, sidewalks and on stoops. I smell fresh roasted coffee along with pastries and cinnamon. I don’t know where this is coming from but it’s there. The warmth around me is heavy but soothing and all I want to do is nestle in the arms of the one I love. It’s moments like these that you want to last a lifetime. You want to hold in a special place to be pulled out when convenient. It’s times like these that the laughter of children fills your every void and keeps you remembering the amazing life in front of us, around us and within us. Welcome to my Fall in Summer.