Family adventure

What a breathtakingly beautifully calm family day. The sun was shining brightly and so happy being caressed by the wind that would blow at all the right times. The kids laughter as the wind pushed at them had a smile on my face for hours as we played along the water. It was a family day that was needed and so appreciated. Grizzly made the adventure although all he wanted to do was lay. As the kids played so joyfully they glanced over at Grizz every now and again to make sure he was safe. I loved every minute of the day. I loved looking over at my husband who was smiling at every angle. Whether he was staring at Grizz or looking over at the kids. There were times that I caught him staring in my direction and that’s when my smile softened and my body warmed. At the moments I caught his eyes in my direction I looked up at that sky so blue and thanked God for the miracles that surround us every day. Now I lay while the kids nap listening to the wind filling our home and the Beatles on the radio. What an end to a beautiful day.

 2013-04-14 17.12.17

Alone time with the little man

I spent the day with my little man today and it was unbelievably beautiful. His kind heart showed in everything he did. From the smile of appreciation on his face to the giggles he released just because to the unexpected hugs he gently gave me showed me just how sweet this boy is. We started at the dealership and ended with a stroll through the toy stores. It was a fun filled day with a boy who gave hope and faith a new meaning. As our day was coming to an end Giovanni turned to me and said he missed Isannah. As if my heart couldn’t melt any more it began pouring. Not only did he miss her he was sure to pick out a few things he thought she would like at the toy store then told me that we needed to bring Isannah here too. The love that grows within you has no limits.

First date every day

Do you remember that feeling you got when you were about to go on your first date? You kept changing your clothes, you paced in anticipation, you were giddy and your stomach was doing flips. Then you heard him coming to your door. Your heart skipped a beat and you rushed to greet him. When you opened that door all of the sudden a calm of warmth came across your body. That’s my every day. That is how I feel every time I look into my husbands eyes. My stomach has butterflies when he walks by and brushes any part of my body and the calm passes through me when I wake in the morning and see him peacefully sleeping next to me. I love having a first date every day. 

Drool filled kisses

I never thought I would say that the best kisses I received this evening were wet drooled and licked all over my face. Giovanni showed me so much love during bath time. Kissing my face one kiss at a time without allowing a second to pass between each kiss. It was like a licking kissing combination but I loved every moment of it. When I thought he was done and it was time to dry him he would say, “one more time, mommy” and start all over again. My heart melted and I couldn’t let him go. I took it all in and saved it in my heart so I can always keep them close in times of sadness. It’s times like these that make you appreciate all the good and know the difference. I hope you all feel unconditional, innocent and pure love that fills your soul and keeps you smiling from the inside out.

Gio’s first tantrum

Today I experienced Giovanni’s first full on temper tantrum. Wow, seeing him react that way pulled at every heart string. I can always calm him down, love on him, kiss him and make it all better but not this time. At least not at that moment. He was hysterical over wanting more ice-cream. He was sitting at the table in his booster seat when he began demanding more ice-cream and pointing at a spot on the table and yelling right there. When he didn’t get more ice-cream he lost it even more. No matter what was done or said he wouldn’t stop. After the first attempt to calm him with his hands and arms flaring while saying no, I knew I had to back away. After Asher got him down and talked to him on the kitchen floor matters only escalated. It was about 20 minutes from beginning to the point where he began yelling mommy and please. I knew something in his voice was different and I felt that if I went to him now he would welcome me which he did. Climbing on my lap and resting his head on my shoulders while grasping for air made my heart melt. My baby boy is becoming a bigger boy standing proud in his 2 year old phase. Please God help me.      

Family is family

Two amazing weeks with beautiful weekends in between. It started with special visitors, the amazing March for Babies walk in honor of Gio and Isa’s Miracles walking along family, then to more visitors of my heart. It’s days like these that you appreciate even more all that God has given you. I not only have my born family but now I have my extended family that together makes my heart and world complete. God chose the most wonderful person to be my mom, my best friend, and then he blessed me again with my second mom who gave me the most incredible man to be my husband. Our worlds came together as one bringing family and friends to my heart. Who knew that a heart can grow so big without additional weight only a lightness of faith and hope to guide it. Good night, everyone. May tomorrow be a gift you can share together.