We rocked Flu Shots!

It’s finally here. The day we go to the pediatrician to get our flu shots. I’ve been prepping Giovanni and Isannah for a couple of days now. Going over which doctor we will see and explaining the shot process. I made sure to play flu shot/shots episodes from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (best one for shots) and Dora the Explorer. Then I would talk to both kids about the reactions that each made on the show and how they described the feeling. Gio and Isa knew they were ready and it would only pinch and then it would be done.

We began our day with another discussion to make sure we were comfortable and understood the process. Once we were dressed and ready to conquer the day we headed for some live kid jams while enjoying some lunch. By that time, the rain let up and the sun and breeze filled the air. It was the perfect opportunity to head to the park to laugh, skip and play. I knew the park was a block away from the pediatrician so I hoped the transition would be an easy one.

I announced the “10 minute” countdown and just sat and watched every move they made.

They were both in their own little world filled with laughter and creativity. It was the sweetest thing to observe.

Finally, 10 minutes was up and I called them each over. They listened and immediately took my hands. They continued talking and throwing in a question now and then about the doctor and who would be going first. They were in good spirits. It was the first time in a while that they didn’t cry as soon as they walked in the office.

Gio and Isa greeted everyone and took their seats while I completed some paperwork. As we were called in they rushed by me to their usual room, sat down and began playing. No less than five minutes our pediatrician came in. The kids paused for a moment. I was worried the flow of tears would suddenly begin but instead the greetings and smiles continued. Wow, these two were prepared and getting so big right before my eyes.

The pediatrician asked who was going first. Gio immediately said Isa and Isa immediately said mommy so I popped up and took the first round. Isannah kept her eyes on me the entire time. It was less than a minute before he was putting a band-aid on my arm. Isannah popped up and was ready. Dr talked to her sweetly and before you knew it she was done. Her face was serious for about a second and then she giggled and said it pinched just like Daniel Tiger said. She popped up and started dancing. Now it was Giovanni’s turn. He bravely walked over sat on the bench and tried so hard not to look but kept turning to look at his doctor. At that moment Isannah stopped playing looked at Giovanni and said remember to think of someone you really love and it will only pinch.

Giovanni looked straight at me and that’s when the doctor gave him his shot. It was over but not before Giovanni’s lips began to quiver and he let out the saddest cry. He jumped right into my arms and softly cried some more. I let them both know how proud I was and what a great job they both did. At that moment, Giovanni stopped crying and Isannah looked straight at him and said, why didn’t you think of daddy? You were supposed to think of someone you love so much and I thought of daddy and that’s why I didn’t cry. My heart just melted.

They were both bouncing around again with excitement once the doctor told them to ask for the special lollipops behind the counter on the way out. Of course, they did and all was good in the world.

We rocked Flu Shots!