Making teacher friends

It’s very rare when you find people you connect with and when that person(s) are teachers in your children’s school says so much about the school they attend. When your children start a new school it’s always scary but when it’s time for the parent to research and get them there, that’s another story. It always seems so overwhelming in the beginning but it doesn’t end there. Each new year is another set of worry. Worrying about their new teachers, classmates and overall structure of the classroom. As a parent, the worrying never ends. With the help of teachers and staff the weight lessons. Beautiful bonds are formed and the reassurance that your children are safe helps get you through another school day.

It’s very rare when a true bond of friendship forms with a teacher. You think that when the year ends you move on and a new teacher comes in. Knowing no matter where your children go. No matter how old your children are or what class they are in a friend you made along the way continues and your children never forget them either.
Your heart smiles when you see your child still run up to their past teachers. You know at that moment they touched their lives in a way they hold dear, and for that I am grateful.

I got to enjoy the company of a few of those teachers and that made me smile. Thank you for the laughs.