Final Character Day

Today is Character Day at school. This is the last Character Day at their school and the last year of elementary. I’ve been looking back at all the photos throughout the years of Character Day costumes and I can’t help but cry. Tears of joy and sadness. Tears of just all the emotions building up inside screaming to come out. 

We had superheroes, animals, the cast of Frozen, Harry Potter and so many more. Each time they were proud and so excited to show school spirit. They were so happy to take part in such an amazing tradition. Each time we enjoyed putting ideas and thoughts into motion. It’s been such a fun ride celebrating in school with their friends, teachers and staff. This year, today, was no different. They beamed with excitement leading up to the day. They had a few changes in their costume plans but after it all they each chose the best outfits to wear for their personality. It was no more buying of costumes, instead it was putting together what they had to make it work while adding their own flare. 

Today my daughter is a French artist from Paris. A place she can’t wait to visit. While my son is Mets pitcher Jacob DeGrom. After all, he’s been practicing to become a pitcher and perhaps one day he will play for the Mets. 

Maybe this mom is just extremely emotional today or maybe it’s that I look at these two and feel with all of me how much I love them. How very proud I am of them. Maybe it’s because they came into this world fighting so hard to be here and here they are. Stronger than ever. 

They are my beautiful miracles. My growing life. 

I look at them and can’t believe my husband and I made these two beautiful hearts. What a gift.

Giving Thanks

This is about giving thanks and realizing those you need the most are placed in your path at the right times. These past few days I felt God’s presence in the hugs and faces of those that mean so much to me.

We all go through emotionally draining days, both mentally and physically. Sometimes while you are going through those days it’s hard to see things clearly and fear has a tendency of blinding you and making things worse. Having the support of family and friends brings you back to the surface and allows you to see clearer and helps confirm you are doing the right thing.

This is to the very small few that have listened and gone through this with me. For understanding and allowing my heart to speak it’s truth without holding back. From pulling me back and forth and then back again. It’s for helping to pick me up from the floor but allowing me to kneel carefully to pray.

This morning God’s presence was with someone very special. You wake up with so many emotions and crazy thoughts in your head and then suddenly a call comes in and changes things for the better. Sometimes that one thing, big or small, changes your life’s direction. All you can do is say thank you and hope the person on the other end knows just how much you appreciate them.

I want to say thank you for the events leading up to today.

I just want to say, THANK YOU!