Happy 7 years!

I was thinking about it all day and then finally it was time to get ready. I wanted to take my time so that Asher didn’t catch me in my dress before heading down the stairs. I had butterflies fluttering in my belly and this dorky smile that made my cheek ache but I couldn’t help it. It was date night but not just any date night. It was our 7 year anniversary. What an amazing journey. Now we were hand in hand at our favorite restaurant in the city Bouley. The champagne poured and I was already drunk in love. I kept sneaking stares at him and sheepishly smiling. I just couldn’t believe we were here. I was here. The silly laughter, gentle touches and warm love that surrounded us was undeniable. The meal was amazing. The night was filled with twinkle and my heart was filled with him. May you feel love that embraces you gently but tightly that you don’t ever want to let go. Laughter that gives cheek aches but you just don’t want it to stop. And light that will always show you the way. Spreading my heartfelt love to all of you.