Deep breath

Sometimes you just want to close your eyes tightly breathe in deeply and slowly release it with all the aches, pains, sadness and hurt of all those you love and know so that they too can breathe freely with hope in their heart and faith in their soul and know that tomorrow will be a new day. A day filled with all new beginnings. Please let the weight lift.

Just the right food

Sometimes food just makes all the difference you need at that moment. My handsome love of a man made the most amazing Texas chili. It was all the heart, love and comfort I needed to embrace me tonight. It’s the little things that makes all the difference in the world. Now if only the migraine I had all day would totally make it’s departure it would complete the evening the way it was meant to be.

Turning 2

blowing out candles

Two years ago today we experienced love, fear, hope, faith, joy, sadness and warmth like no other. We were blessed with two incredibly strong, kind, loving, beautiful miracles from God. I can still remember each moment, each tear, each chill and each beep in the NICU like it was yesterday but I can’t help but smile at the loving faces I see everyday. We are so proud and so much in love with you, Giovanni and Isannah Mia. Happiest 2nd birthday. May each day be a gift filled with curiosity, love, love, love, kindness, kisses, drool filled hugs, hope, faith and laughter. You are our gift every day, our hope, our life. Thank you for blessing us with life and love all over again. I am one proud mommy.  

We all need little reminders

We all go through many experiences in our lives. Some can make you skip endlessly with smiles and giggles others can have your heart dragging on the floor from the weight and pain that is too heavy for your small hands to lift and hold. There are many different feelings in between but it’s up to you to find those moments that have you skipping and hold on to those tightly so they can help you fly through all the rest. I love to share my thoughts when my heart allows me to put them into words. I want each of you to know that sometimes when someone is smiling so brightly it doesn’t always mean they have no care in the world. It just means that they are trying to be strong not only for those around them but for themselves. Respect those you love, let them know how much they mean to you every chance you get. Never wish for someones life because of the way they look on the outside. You’d be surprised how much better your life is and how beautiful you are. I love my life struggles and bubbles because it’s mine. It’s the life that God has made for me. I just need to leave those scary moments in his hands and share the happiness and love with him because I know that he is there through it all. Sometimes you just need little reminders.  

His eyes

2012-05-25 21.26.53

Eating lunch at a German spot with an unbelievably handsome man. I can’t help but stare admiringly into those beautiful eyes and enjoy the view in front of me. The room is filled with smells of cinnamon and the sounds of the wood crackling in the fireplace. The warmth fills the air as The Five Stairsteps play in the background of a familiar tune…Ooh Child things are gonna get easier…Makes you feel the love, hope and faith all around us.