Wear a mask!

Please just wear a damn mask. What is the harm? I don’t want to hear “fake news” or that news is just reporting more deaths than they really are. It doesn’t matter. What matters is one death is too many and people are in fact dying. Please if you don’t care about yourself and your family, please respect mine. I love my parents dearly and I want them to live long enough to see their grandchildren learn more, explore, become the sweet older people they are meant to be. I want them to be present for birthdays and more milestones. I want them to live the best life they can. That means you will have to respect us as we respect you. I want my parents and all my family and friends that are more compromised because of age or health problems to be able and enjoy the life they have instead of watching all those carelessly outside in bars drinking and living their life because they are too selfish to believe that there is a problem.

We really are doing our best to be extremely quarantined so that we too can enjoy life again. Why can’t you understand that?
To all my friends that lost their family members, I’m sorry. I think about you often and can’t even imagine losing someone because of this stupid virus.

My very good friend that lost her mom, I’m sorry. To my friend who lost her son, I’m sorry. To my friend that lost her daughter, I am sorry.
To my many friend’s that I met while working at the hospital, I’m sorry for your families that won’t be with you any more. The nurses I grew to know and love will no longer be at the work place because they were helping the many they didn’t know, even those that were selfish and doing their own thing. They helped YOU without judgement and now they are no longer here. They gave their life to try and save yours. I will truly miss their presence in my life.
To all the many that still work every day, out there trying to help all of you. We thank you!

I am tired of seeing the selfishness, the hate, the ignorance because you feel you are better. It really is such a sad time and you are making it so much worse.
My friends, you know who you are, I love you. I pray for you and know that your loved ones are looking down at you, at all of us, trying to watch over us and bring love into all our hearts. I love you with all of my heart and extend my arms to give you all the biggest fucking hugs. You know I love hugs. I miss you. I miss my family. I miss the normalcy of life.
All we can do is respect each other. Stay kind. Stay safe and healthy and know you are not alone. We are all trying to get through this.
Just imagine all you are going through and then think of how your children are trying to get through this too. We don’t understand it all. Can you imagine what they are going through especially because they don’t always know how to express it.

Praying that all the beautiful memories we’ve made along the way can bring comfort and carry us as far as we need to go.

Please stay safe and healthy!