G & I graduated

With tears of joy and warmth filling my eyes I am happy to announce that Giovanni and Isannah Mia graduated today. Psychiatrist, neonatologist, behavioral, etc…all doctors cleared Gio and Isa today stated they graduated their program with flying colors. They were all smiles and I was so very proud of these two miracles. Hearing those words made me cry remembering where it all started and all they overcame. My heart is happy. Their advice was, enjoy them, enjoy this time. We are a beautifully growing family. I am proud and so very blessed.

Outdoors is what you need

What an amazing family day at Prospect Park. I can’t believe what a difference being outside in the open space makes. Air all around us, wind blowing by at just the right times and the strong warming sun kept us out there even longer. I felt a belonging today. Listening to the kids laughing and playing, balls flying, scooters crashing made me feel at peace. I needed this…I needed today…I needed my family. Thank you for blessing me with this amazing day!

Stickers on booboo

My adorable daughter made my heart smile so much today. I was watching her pull off stickers from her book and place them on her booboo’s. She placed a sticker on a booboo she had on her foot and one on her knee. As she’s placing the stickers on each booboo she says, happy booboo now. She comes to me and shows me each sticker and says, mommy now my booboo’s are happy. I just smiled, and yes cried too.

Train table needs fixing

It’s just me, the kids and the radio playing at home. Giovanni asks me to put on his tool belt which I did. He then lays on the floor back to the ground tool belt around waist and screwdriver in right hand while he slides his body under the train table with his left hand. All of the sudden I see his screwdriver fixing the bottom of the table while talking. Isannah hears him and comes over to watch. She lays with her elbows on the ground hands up while propping her chin on her hands. They start talking in the cutest language I’ve ever heard and giggle a little. Then Giovanni says shh Eennanna (Isannah) I’m fixing the table. She stays quiet for a second and then starts pointing to areas he needs to fix. Once Gio is done he slides out looks at Isannah, hands her the screwdriver and says, your turn. Her face lights up and immediately goes under the table. The cute language followed by giggles begin. All I can do is stare and smile. NOW my cold/cough thing go away so I can kiss these adorably cute twins all over.

Potty training

Day 6 of potty training was the end of this round of potty training again. It was a rough week and the kids really weren’t getting it. Giovanni started to get the hang of it by knowing when he needed to go and then allowing us a second to rush him to the potty to try to make some pee in it. He let us know when he was about to pee. However, he wouldn’t go on it alone. It was scary for him. Isannah just didn’t want to listen. She would be in the middle of dancing and just pee causing her to slip in her pee and fall smack on her back. She actually did that twice slamming her head on the floor. She would pee as she walked. We would sit her on the potty and just smile, sing, go all kinds of crazy to ease any fear she had and just sit there with her. At times it was for long stretches, of course when she wanted to, then as soon as she would get up and go on the couch she peed and just peed no matter what we were saying. I tried to talk to her and all she would do is turn away and hum pretending she wasn’t hearing me.  Saturday night when I ran the bath Asher had enough of the peeing and strapped them both in diapers.  They were bare bottoms for 6 days (I know that’s a little time in potty training world) even outside but Sunday morning it was diapers once again.  They were smart too.  They knew I would put diapers on them at night so they wouldn’t poop the entire time out of the diapers which was all day until bedtime. Then right before I would come to get them in the morning, BAM poop and lot’s of it.