Gio and Isa’s Miracles – 2

2013-04-28 11.40.40-1MOD 2013

We had a wonderful day with our beautiful family who came out today to walk with us. Today was a day filled with many emotions. From the beginning memories to the amazing memories we make along the way. Gio and Isa bless our lives every day and we are thankful to have them show us how to smile and appreciate all that we have. They were troopers from the early rise to walk in March for Babies to a friends big birthday bash at Kidville. No complaints just smiles and genuine appreciation. How can you not love these two. Mommy and daddy are so very proud every day. Way to go, Gio and Isa’s Miracles!

Boston Marathon Bombing

I don’t understand peoples hearts anymore. A heart is filled with so much love, life, compassion. I understand that there needs to be some hurt and sadness to fully appreciate all the good and understand the beauty in this world but all these deaths, scares and fears for all the innocent, I don’t understand. Praying for all those surrounded by this evil, affected by this evil, lost by this evil. This is when we need to be bravest and strongest and believe in a higher power. We need to all pray during fear and loss that he will take us through this. We need to shower our love, hope and faith throughout. My heart is aching and I fear for all those on lock down that this will pass and life will be free and full of love again.

Mommy fix it

I heard the sweetest thing this evening. One of Isannah’s tools broke so she told her daddy that it was broken. Daddy said, oh no we use tools for fixing things. He asked Isannah, what do you do when your tools break? How do you fix it? Isannah responded, MOMMY. I smiled so hard and I am still smiling. I love these kids.

Trains and strollers

While watching the kids push their babies in the strollers around the house I hear Gio shout the train is here. Giovanni lifts his baby stroller first and then Isannah lifts hers up in the air they both stare at me and say, mommy the train is coming. They pretend to take the strollers down the subway stairs and then onto a train just like we do to them. I can’t believe how friggin cute these two are. There’s no denying they are city babies. You think your heart can’t grow any bigger but it does with so much love.


How can a heart hold so much love? It amazes me every day when I look at him I feel the love grow inside. All I can do is just stare and think of all the words I could possibly say to make him know just how much I love him but there are no words. Just this amazing feeling that makes me want to scream so loudly it makes me lose my voice. I’m just in love…yesterday, today and always.


Today was a day needed by all of us. Bubbe came for an early visit and lit a light in our home and in are hearts. The love she shines on us all lifts a weight from our life. It’s days like these you can breathe freely, love what and who you have around you, and realize no matter the bump there is always another step towards love.

A random stoop

Sitting on a random stoop facing the direction of the sun and taking in the warmth throughout my body. Slow breathing, eyes closed and the words, don’t worry about today, because every little thing is gonna be alright…playing in my head. Thanking God for another day with my family and appreciating all we have now. All the love that surrounds us and all the hope and faith that’s within.