Giraffes Can’t Dance

What an exciting morning. The kids were all smiles knowing that today was the day that their daddy would come to school and read a book. It was parent volunteer book reading month and when the kids learned that their daddy was on the calendar they just beamed. The book was selected the night before so all things were falling into place. I got the kids up, fed and dressed them for school. In the car ride the giggles began as well as the questions. Is daddy coming now? When is daddy coming? Where is daddy? Boy, they were endless but I couldn’t help but smile. I explained to them that daddy is scheduled for 10:00 am so that meant after the morning circle and morning snacks. They stayed quiet for just a moment and then the same questions came up. They were just too excited and wanted reassurance that he was definitely going to be apart of their morning at school. I was giggling too. I knew the kids would be attached to Asher from the moment he walked into the school.

It was almost time to head to school with Asher. I had butterflies in my belly just for knowing how the kids would react. Sadly, I wasn’t able to see it but from the moment he walked into the school to the moment he walked out, I could just picture the expressions and how it all went. My husband had a sweet smile on his face while walking in my direction. Book in hand and a smile on his face. Boy, did I love seeing this. I’m not sure I could describe the feeling I felt inside but let’s just say it was like waiting to hear the ice-cream truck bell on a hot summer day. Right at that moment when you were wiggling about on the tips of your toes because you couldn’t take it anymore you heard that sweet sound. Awe, your body relaxes and you run in the direction of the truck. That’s how I felt when I saw my sweet husband walk towards me with that smile. I knew it was the best reading ever.

I can’t wait to pick the kids up today so I can hear their version of how it all went. This is definitely something to look forward to. 

2014-03-31 12.30.59


Today is bittersweet. The excitement started yesterday knowing that the kids would enjoy superhero day at school today. Then Isannah’s on and off again cough started to sound different and she was a little off when night time came. She didn’t have a good night so a doctor’s visit was in order. As I dressed Gio in his Spiderman costume this morning he was sad that Isannah wasn’t going to school with him and so was she. Once Gio and I got to school he noticed all the other costumes and turned to me and said Isannah is the real superwoman. He hugged me and said he would wait for Isannah. When I told him again she wouldn’t come he made a sad face but couldn’t control the happiness he felt for being in his super cool costume. Back at the house I have Isannah enjoying her superwoman powers as we wait to see the doctor. Fun will be had by all. I will make sure of it.

After superwoman(because she is not supergirl as she stated early on so there was no confusion) flew around the house for the 12th time, meaning over my arms as I helped her fly, my arms were about to fall off no matter how many times she said, “higher mommy higher” I couldn’t lift her any longer. As I was explaining that even superheroes needed a break the doctor called. The sound of the ring was truly music to my ears. The doctor was ready for us so we made our way partially flying to his office. After superwoman followed all of doctors instructions she was cleared for take off. It was nothing more than a stubborn cold that was causing a post nasal drip which made my sweet baby girls cough sound worse than it was. After Isannah showed the doctor her superwoman powers he gave her the clearance to go to school today. I made absolutely sure the doctor and the teacher were fine with the decision.

Isannah was beaming when we got to her school and I knew that Giovanni would be all smiles to see her. She was just in time for the superhero dance and outdoor play. Fun was definitely had by all. Way to go, superheroes!!  


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Everyone is going through something whether good or bad something is always happening. Sometimes I’m so caught up in a moment that I immediately want to share it with all of you. My moments change frequently but when I catch an uplifting one I feel like sharing it in the hopes it will lift up someone who may need it at their moment. This doesn’t mean that all my moments or stories are happy and perfect. Lord knows I am far from that but it means that at that moment I was able to smile and share my smile with you. Smiles become frowns within seconds and that’s ok. It’s how we let it affect us that will make all the difference. Just because one moment I was admiring something my kids did or slow dancing with my husband feeling the love around us so deeply doesn’t mean the very next moment Gio and Isa aren’t screaming and fighting over a toy they each want causing any peace to slip away. Or that I have a leak, now a hole in my ceiling. The list goes on as I’m sure it does for many of you. We need to do our best to remember that moment that caught your smile. The moment that surrounded you with love and let those carry you through the not so good times. Life is not perfect but neither are we so we should never expect the perfect. Surround yourself with people who love you unconditionally. Lift you up when you feel like you are scraping the floor because you are so low. Everyone of us needs reminders sometimes and that’s what I hope my stories are to you. Please share your uplifting stories. A moment that left you smiling or a moment that brought overwhelming fear and frustration. I love hearing them all and hope that we can each make the other smile and not feel so alone.

Dance, mommy!

The blinds are wide open, the windows slightly cracked and Italian megamix filling the speakers in our home when Isannah says, “mommy dance with me on this rug”. When your little girl asks you to bust a move, you do it no matter whose watching.

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Today Isannah had a make up ballet class at a different location. She was a bit quiet but she listened attentively and followed her teacher perfectly. We all went to see Isannah as a family. Giovanni could see something was different for Isannah and kept asking to see if she was ok. Once class was over he waited for Isannah to come out of the classroom. She beamed from ear to ear when she saw him and went right up to him. He had his arms open ready to hug her and they hugged each other for what felt like a lifetime. It was the sweetest thing ever. Everyone stopped to stare and the expressions on their faces said it all. My heart beamed as I looked at Asher and then back at the kids. Another moment to pack away in this old heart of mine.


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