Big boy morning

Every morning since we switched from cribs to toddler beds Gio comes into my room and looks at me from my side of the bed to make sure I am up and tell me that he is WIDE awake. It’s been the same routine since the very first day. I give him a smile and a hug and ask if he’s gone to the bathroom. He says no and then quietly runs to the bathroom while I get ready. We then meet and both walk downstairs together.

Something was different this morning. I was up in bed waiting to see his smile at my bedside but it didn’t happen, instead I hard movement and the sounds of tiny baby steps moving about. I got ready and slowly stood by my door and just watched Giovanni. His curtains were pulled back and his chin was resting on his hands while looking out his bedroom window. It was the sweetest most big boy thing I’ve seen. I watched him with tears filling my eyes. I tried not to cry as I walked over to him and gave him the biggest hug. He turned and looked at me and said he did everything by himself. I asked him what he did and he took my hand and showed me. He walked me to the bathroom to let me see the tissue filled with blood from his nose that he had thrown out in the garbage. He gets bloody noses sometimes but we always help him take care of them. This time he did it all by himself. With the sweetest kindest smile he told me that he didn’t want to wake me up. He knew I was tired and was being quiet. Although, I knew something was going on by the dry blood on his face and dry blood on his bed board I didn’t want to worry him and I knew he had something to say. I picked him up in my arms and held him so tight while telling him what a big boy I had and how so very proud of him I was. As I cleaned his face and bed, he continued to tell me how he thought it was too early and that is why he wanted to take care of everything without waking me up. He also said that he wasn’t scared and everything was ok. He was growing up right before my eyes. My eyes started to fill with tears again so I had to keep moving.

He walked downstairs in front of me rather than behind me and led the way to the kitchen. Once I got everything ready for him and he began eating his breakfast, I had a feeling to walk over to the window. It was there when I tried to see all that his eyes were seeing. I smiled so big and finally let the forming tears fall from my eyes.

It was my moment of life. My time to just breathe, take it all in and simply say thank you. And that I did!

Too fast

Time is passing. Sometimes too fast you miss things that you should’ve had your eyes open for. Don’t miss anymore moments. Look through open eyes and open hearts. Take it all in and appreciate the life you have no matter how imperfect, it’s yours. Hold on and enjoy the ride. Don’t forget to bring all those you love right along with you.