The look says it all

That moment you walk in school super excited to see the kids and then you see the look in your baby boys eyes and know something is wrong. As excited as he tried to be to tell me about the sprinklers at the park with class and all he did, he couldn’t hide the fact that he wasn’t really feeling well. I immediately checked his temperature with a loving kiss to the head and there it was. My baby boy has a fever. I asked the teacher how he was and everyone said he was happy and well. He even tried to convince me that he was ok but I knew something was definitely off as soon as he looked at me.

Play time at the park with friends cancelled and home we came. I knew once we arrived home he would be feeling a little differently then he braved at school. Isannah popped out of the stroller but Giovanni needed extra care and he asked me to hold him up the stairs. At that moment, I knew the decision to come home was the best one. This little boy, who needs persuading for naps, came over to where I sat on the couch cuddled up to me and fell fast asleep. 

Praying that he feels better soon and it doesn’t get worse. While hoping and praying Isannah doesn’t catch what ever it is that’s going on with her brother. Poor little snug bug all bugged out.

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Don’t drop the jelly

While heading to the school to pick up the kids I decided I would take them out to a quiet park so they could enjoy the beautiful day instead of going straight home. Although it was pretty hot out I knew they would have a great time and use up a lot of energy just in time for naps. Feeling the sun on my face I decide to take a short cut and climb the steps to the overpass and head down the other end without walking around the extra blocks to make my way to the park.

Boy, was that a mistake. Let me draw a little picture for you. Both kids in the double stroller because they were too hot to walk and climb any steps. Me in a long, almost dragging to the ground summer dress and flip flops trying to push two almost 3 ½ toddlers up each step while traffic below us is honking and making all sorts of awful noises with the sun beaming down on us, kids giggling thinking the banging of each step is hysterical. I’m leaning forward on the stroller bar, feet dangling to get it to lift because I have no more strength or energy (did I mention I’m not good in heat) I finally get to the top of the hill to realize there are stairs going down instead of a ramp. Seeing this the kids are thrilled and yell faster mommy, faster. I tried to keep my cool and talk them out of the faster request as we make our way slowly down the steps. We reach the bottom and I’m about to lift my arms, like Rocky did after he climbed the steps in triumph, when a man walks by and proudly says, I watched you coming up and thought you had it under control. My arms, in the half up position (robbed of my full arm lift chant) slowly releases . At that moment I was about to slap him for saying what he did because that meant he just watched instead of helped. I swallowed and smiled and then walked away. Gio and Isa were giggling to each other talking about the ride they just experienced and how they wanted to do it again after we left the park. NOT!

After the park enjoyment and the water fun we made our way home. The long way with no short cuts, thank you very much!

Along the way home Giovanni asks if he can have a pb&j sandwich once we get home but I remembered we are out of jelly. I tell him we are heading to the store to buy the jelly and once we get home I will make their sandwiches. He is thrilled. This kid is beaming from ear to ear and gets Isannah in the happy sandwich mood. We get the jelly and are making our way home. Songs are being created about the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches they are going to have. All very creative and cute so I let the giggles and songs keep my mind off of the heat and soreness in my arms from my earlier experience. We are finally in front of our house. The kids get out of the stroller and make their way up the stoop. I pull out lunch boxes, waters and art projects from school pick up, my bag along with the glass jar of jelly. As I make my way out of the front yard the gate somehow slammed me in the back causing the glass jar of jelly to escape my hand and land on the concrete ground. The kids immediately looked in horror. I picked up the jar and see that it is cracked and not only is their broken glass in the jar but now tiny pieces are in my finger. I immediately toss the jar in the garbage and pull the gate closed. In doing so a piece of the rusted gate got stuck and splintered in my other finger. I’m in pain and trying not to push the pieces further in my fingers while all of the sudden Giovanni begins to scream bloody murder on the stoop because he won’t have any jelly for his sandwich. I’m about to break down in tears myself for the pain in my fingers and for the tears of true sadness in Giovanni’s eyes and voice because I let the jelly drop. Let’s just say trying to get him in the house without the jar in my hand was a long sad struggle. It’s been a fun day so far.

Thought I could bring some laughter to someone else who isn’t having such a fun day. Hoping this puts a smile on your face.