Two Docs are in!

The doc is in! Doc McStuffins times two that is. It was an interesting rest of the day once Nonna surprised Gio and Isa with the coolest Doc McStuffins dolls. The light in their eyes when they saw these huge dolls sent chills behind my ears. I saw the smiles hugely appear on their faces and goosebumps covered both my arms. It was a sweet moment of appreciation and love. Nonna said her good-byes and Gio and Isa remained hugging Doc McStuffins. They sang to her and told her stories about ouchies. The conversations were sweet and pure. Then all of a sudden Nonna reappeared with another surprise. Each were given the big book of boo boos and from that moment on it was nothing but happy chatter and repairs throughout our home.

Both Gio and Isa would ask, “what’s hurting you? Once they heard a response they grabbed their big book of boo boos and began to scribble inside. This went on for about 30 minutes along with laughter, healing and repair remedies. From time to time they would stop their scribbling to pick up the Doc McStuffins doll and kiss her and whisper I love you in the purest sweetest voice you ever did hear. The kids were sharing, repairing and laughing for long periods of time. This Doc McStuffins character really brought more love and kindness into our home. I’m enjoying the kids fixing all my booboos, taken notes and sealing it with a kiss.

Two Docs are in!  

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2 thoughts on “Two Docs are in!

  1. Aunt Cheech says:

    Now I know were to go when I have ouchees, to get all better !! And nothing getting a cure that’s sealed with a kiss!!!;)

  2. Francesca says:

    They are very thorough too. You would love it. As for the end of the check-up, what can be better than sealing it with a kiss. I agree!

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