Fold and separate

Summer is definitely making it’s way out bringing the cool breezes of Fall to open up our eyes. Windows are open and the hints of Fall are filling our home as I begin to clean closets. Starting to clean out closets in the kids room is getting harder and harder to do. Not because of the amount of clothing but because of the realization that they are growing and moving on to bigger sizes which brings bigger moments. I feel a little choked up folding and separating. I picture each moment we created in the outfits I place to the side. Smiling at some memories that come to mind and thanking God that we have them to hold. I have toddlers now. Toddlers that are talking up a storm, walking holding hands, dancing and singing to each others tunes and just showing their appreciation in everything they do. I can’t believe I am a mother of twin toddlers. Soon I will be walking them up to school while holding tears back so they can know how happy and proud I am of them. They can walk confidently in to their classroom knowing they worked so hard and are loved so much. I know I am getting a head of myself but as I fold and separate I can see all the new moments that will soon unfold. As much as I am strong I am weak at heart and love so much that anything will fill these tired eyes with tears. I better stop now before I send them off to college and fill not only my eyes with tears but this screen.

May today be filled with summer memories and soon to be Fall adventures. 

One thought on “Fold and separate

  1. Bubbe says:

    May every minute, every day, every month and every year, continue to fill you to overflowing sweetheart!

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