When the past creeps in…

Sometimes your mind drifts to places that were once familiar. At that moment you must take a step back and look at what’s in front of you. Remember the past will always be part of you. It brought you to where you are today but if you look too long at the past it may confuse your future. Believe in yourself. Listen not only to your heart but your mind too and remember memories will always carry you through.

I try to find the good in everyone even though it hurts me in the process. It’s sad when you believe in someone so much and learn they are not at all who you think they were. This brings my wall a little higher but it doesn’t interfere with the love I have for life and for the appreciation I continue to have for all the beauty that I’m surrounded by. Sure it closes me up a little more but boy when you are past that wall and have my trust; love, faith and unconditional loyalty you will have always. Remember to speak words that will not hurt you. Love as though life will end today, and embrace the one’s you love with an unmistakable appreciation.

Spreading the love

Sometimes the past has a way of creeping up on you but you take it all in and smile. You remember that what has brought you to today was part of what you went through then. Good or bad it’s the beautiful soul filled memories and the love behind each one that you cherish and let mold you as you walk each day in the present. Feeling the warm and fuzzies and spreading the love.