Love…it’s unconditional

I don’t understand why people who claim to truly care for you only want to hurt you. If you truly care for someone and you are unhappy or your life is on a low, it doesn’t give you the right to hurt, manipulate, or cause pain and suffering to the one that has helped you because you want others to suffer right along with you. We all go through ups and downs, that’s just life. It’s how we react to each event that makes us who we are. Love is unconditional…you feel it with all you have and give it with all you know. Conditional love is not love at all. We all need to look within ourselves to find who we are. The bad will rise and be carried away as the good will too. It’s up to us to be able to let it go so that something else can come along. Be kind even when it hurts. The world keeps going let’s jump on and enjoy the ride, good or bad.

One thought on “Love…it’s unconditional

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