Train table needs fixing

It’s just me, the kids and the radio playing at home. Giovanni asks me to put on his tool belt which I did. He then lays on the floor back to the ground tool belt around waist and screwdriver in right hand while he slides his body under the train table with his left hand. All of the sudden I see his screwdriver fixing the bottom of the table while talking. Isannah hears him and comes over to watch. She lays with her elbows on the ground hands up while propping her chin on her hands. They start talking in the cutest language I’ve ever heard and giggle a little. Then Giovanni says shh Eennanna (Isannah) I’m fixing the table. She stays quiet for a second and then starts pointing to areas he needs to fix. Once Gio is done he slides out looks at Isannah, hands her the screwdriver and says, your turn. Her face lights up and immediately goes under the table. The cute language followed by giggles begin. All I can do is stare and smile. NOW my cold/cough thing go away so I can kiss these adorably cute twins all over.

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