Gio’s first tantrum

Today I experienced Giovanni’s first full on temper tantrum. Wow, seeing him react that way pulled at every heart string. I can always calm him down, love on him, kiss him and make it all better but not this time. At least not at that moment. He was hysterical over wanting more ice-cream. He was sitting at the table in his booster seat when he began demanding more ice-cream and pointing at a spot on the table and yelling right there. When he didn’t get more ice-cream he lost it even more. No matter what was done or said he wouldn’t stop. After the first attempt to calm him with his hands and arms flaring while saying no, I knew I had to back away. After Asher got him down and talked to him on the kitchen floor matters only escalated. It was about 20 minutes from beginning to the point where he began yelling mommy and please. I knew something in his voice was different and I felt that if I went to him now he would welcome me which he did. Climbing on my lap and resting his head on my shoulders while grasping for air made my heart melt. My baby boy is becoming a bigger boy standing proud in his 2 year old phase. Please God help me.      

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