The look says it all

That moment you walk in school super excited to see the kids and then you see the look in your baby boys eyes and know something is wrong. As excited as he tried to be to tell me about the sprinklers at the park with class and all he did, he couldn’t hide the fact that he wasn’t really feeling well. I immediately checked his temperature with a loving kiss to the head and there it was. My baby boy has a fever. I asked the teacher how he was and everyone said he was happy and well. He even tried to convince me that he was ok but I knew something was definitely off as soon as he looked at me.

Play time at the park with friends cancelled and home we came. I knew once we arrived home he would be feeling a little differently then he braved at school. Isannah popped out of the stroller but Giovanni needed extra care and he asked me to hold him up the stairs. At that moment, I knew the decision to come home was the best one. This little boy, who needs persuading for naps, came over to where I sat on the couch cuddled up to me and fell fast asleep. 

Praying that he feels better soon and it doesn’t get worse. While hoping and praying Isannah doesn’t catch what ever it is that’s going on with her brother. Poor little snug bug all bugged out.

2014-06-20 13.30.44

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