Visitors along the way

As we live our life many visitors stop by along the way. Some stay by your side to join you on your journey. Some will peak in to run away quickly. Some want to share only the beautiful moments with you and leave when things get difficult and some will cause so much commotion but brings love, sadness, confusion and uncertainty into your life that will teach you and help you grow along the way. No matter the situation or time each will bring memories into your life. Memories that can last a lifetime. I have memories that have played a part in my every day and some that no matter the feeling they bring can impact something you need to deal with. No matter the impact or result, I feel each will complete a painting so engulfing that when the time draws near, can be looked at as a beautiful work of art. It’s crazy that no matter the years that pass you can still relate to a time and feel exactly the way you felt in that moment. Whether it chills or it’s a wave of comfort it’s a feeling that you will never lose. As I write this I feel the corners of my mouth quiver before relaxing into a soft smile because of a memory that surfaced. Isn’t it weird how memories play such a present part in your life?

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