A little wine

I’m not a drinker but if I have to drink I go with the frozen fruity drinks. I try wine from time to time as my husband says it’s an acquired taste and I guess I haven’t acquired it yet. However, after a long day I truly appreciated that glass of red wine and understand the calmness it brings. I held my glass close to me as the music played, closed my eyes and tried to block out the circling movements that Gio continued to do the entire day. From the stomping of the feet to the squatting in tears, and the constant cleaning of a butt hole that wouldn’t let the friggin poop pass through. I can smell the smells and hear the mommy please clean it, clean it and the pleading for the butt pain to go away. My heart felt for him as he walked around like a chicken with no head. Not knowing what he was feeling and what could be done. He just wanted to poop in the potty. Any potty from the big potty seats to the baby seats. From the upstairs bathroom to the downstairs bathroom anything to make it come out. Then finally and slowly things started to happen. It wasn’t for a few more attempts after that one, that he was no longer worried and upset. This day was full of many things, but one thing I know for sure is the glass of wine was very much appreciated.

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