The Summer Wind

I’m not sure if it’s the cool Fall breeze blowing in the summer air or if it’s the memories flooding this head but it’s sending chills up and down my body. Raising those little back of the neck hairs. I think the kids are feeling it too. They did an amazing job in Super Soccer Stars this morning. It has to be the cool wind blowing around the kids faces because they were full of life and energy. They were giggling and following directions like no other day. The excitement had us all smiles and giddy. When it was time for a water break they ran into my arms. Eyes lit up and smiles reached the moon and back. The hugs were more meaningful if that’s even possible and the love that floated around us today was felt for miles and miles. This is a day I needed. Hoping everyone is feeling the love through the breeze and hugs through the summer wind.  

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