Playing together

Love the times when the kids actually play together. I could just sit there and stare at them for hours. Well, if it actually lasted that long. I love the bond that is forming. The connecting that is taken place and the generous sibling love blossoming right before me. I enjoy the quiet times that I have to immediately look over to locate them to make sure something not wrong when all of the sudden it gets quiet. Then when I see them whispering, giggling and just being I beam with happiness. From fear comes immediate joy. It’s amazing how you can go from one extreme to the next in seconds.

Whether it’s building a lego train together or playing doctor the kindness I see in them warms my heart and confirms that we are doing something right in the midst of the craziness. I love hearing the encouragement they give to each other and the pats on the back that goes on. If Isannah falls or gets hurt Gio immediately checks to see if she is ok. His sweet words, OK, Isa? She responds, I’m OK. Then back they go to playing together. It’s moments like these that put all the other things going on to rest so you can enjoy the times that count. 

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