The white butterfly

Mom came over to spend time with us before her departure tomorrow. My mom has a way of easing my aura without doing anything. From the moment I see her I feel myself relax. From the moment she hugs me my body calms and I feel safe. I don’t think she realizes just how her presence can help me and change the negative I sometimes feel inside.

We all decided to blow bubbles and enjoy the kids laughter and popping excitement. The giggles filled the deck while bubbles big and small drifted away. As the bubbles flew around mom decided to brave the mosquitoes from down below. The garden area was filled with weeds after the days of rain fall. Mom began clearing while I watched mosquitoes surround her legs and arms. She must be wonder woman because known dared to bite her. As I watched in amazement of this beautiful woman gracefully moving around the yard an angelic BIG white butterfly flew around her. Sometimes touching her shoulders as she worked. Flying around her head and shoulders touching down on her from time to time. When I told mom about this beautiful butterfly she said to me without hesitation that is was my Nonna. She began to explain that Nonna used to love working in the yard so this was her joining us. My body felt such a happiness and I felt her too. At one point the butterfly flew straight up. So high up that I could no longer see her and then in seconds came straight down to grace us with her presence again. She just continued to fly all around mom. It was a calming awakening, if that makes sense.

Thank you mom for being my calm, peace, and love today. Thank you Nonna for taken a moment from Heaven to bring your beauty to us once again. I love and miss you every day. 

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