Picture frames

Finally it’s that time of night where the kids are finally in a deep sleep and I can just lie down and let the couch swallow my every inch. Let out a sigh of relief and catch up on the activities that took place around me. This is my quiet time, our quiet time and I’m glad I got here. Now that you know how relaxed I am you will understand my reaction to what happened next. The loudest friggin banging, glass crashing, stair stomping sound exploded from the floor above us. My husband sat straight up and looked at me. Our reactions were priceless as we tried to figure out who or what was up there. My husband quickly made his way upstairs while shouting at me to turn the video camera on. I see nothing in the darkness accept shadows of the man I love ready to make his own noise. I find my way to the top of the stairs to see the beautiful arrangement of frames that I carefully selected and picked to guide the stairwell came crashing down. Not all but some. It was a domino effect that caused frames and glass to bang into each other before exploding on each step. Glass made it’s way in the toughest of places to clean. As quietly as possible my husband and I cleaned all we could in the dark of night not to wake the twins who amazingly slept right through.
Exposed brick walls are beautiful and add a warmth and personality to a home but boy does it suck to hang frames on. It’s going to be a fun day tomorrow making sure no one finds glass. Wish us lu

2013-01-20 16.18.19

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