To my sister…


My heart aches for my sister. I know this will be a difficult day for her as my parents depart today. Visits are always bittersweet as you cry with excitement upon arrival and you cry at departure for sadness. The visits are always fun filled. The time is spent with love and all the right touches all around until that day before when you know tomorrow will be another hard day to let go. Until next time always seems so long.  The meaning to those words tend to make you even sadder as you know “until next time” doesn’t come soon enough.  I wish there was a way you could blink and be somewhere without  flying/traveling. I wish we could all be together for the many hugs and family laughter but since we can’t the closeness we feel will always be in our hearts. Sending a big hug to my sister today and every day to comfort her during this time.


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