Always have a focus point

There are confusions, dark clouds and fear all around us. It’s up to us to clear our vision and strengthen our stance to walk strongly through it all. We must be still and silent so we can hear the words of encouragement in the distance. In our time of weakness we need to look within ourselves and find the courage that we bury deep down and let it come to surface. Find the beauty around us and take the love and hope it provides so that we can lift ourselves up and float through the pain and confusion. Things are never perfect and some people will hurt you but it’s what you do with that hurt that molds you. Everything that led up to right now helped make you the person you are and continues to create the person you will be. We need to be stronger than them. We need to believe in our heart that God is holding us in his arms and watching over all the things that need to be in your life. He won’t let you fall without being your pillow of strength and light. That doesn’t mean we will not get bruised. It means the bruises will only be on the surface but the healing power underneath the surface is what will make them fade in time.

Always have a focus point. It’s your picture of inspiration, hope, unconditional love and healing. I have mine and they are adorably cute. 


2 thoughts on “Always have a focus point

  1. Bubbe says:

    So wise. So loving. You are a treasure.

  2. Aunt Cheech says:

    Beautiful, true, inspiring !!

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