Strawberry Shortcake Pez

The kids did so well on our adventure to a LI mall without strollers that I promised them a treat. Let’s just say I look at pez dispensers in an entirely different way and Strawberry Shortcake didn’t make me happy today. 

The kids are enjoying the very last candy dispensed by Strawberry Shortcake as we stroll the aisles at Walmart when Gio loudly claims that he needs to pee. I immediately head in the direction of the family bathroom as my mom and Isa trail slowly behind us. I park the shopping cart and take my sweet little man to the bathroom while Isa waits with Nonna. I carefully line the toilet seat in preparation of Gio’s use. He is excited and ready. I get him on and squat in front of him while holding him steady. All of the sudden I feel wet and see a stream of water shooting from the bowl up then down on my pants like a perfect fountain stream. I’m in a bit of shock before I truly realize it’s Gio’s pee. I immediately look down to see he is holding the Strawberry Shortcake pez dispenser in his right hand inside of pushing his peeshie down. I tell him to hold it down as I’m moving out of the line of fire. He shouts Strawberry Shortcake. Meaning it’s in his hand and he doesn’t want to let it go so he can’t push his peeshie down. At this point, I’m struggling to remove Strawberry Shortcake while balancing away from the pee and holding him on the toilet steady so he doesn’t fall to see that his pants, underwear along with my pants are covered in pee. I look at him, look at the streaming pee that is never ending and the puddle on the floor and just give up. Let him finish his business as he sadly proclaims that he didn’t pee in his pants because he made it to the potty in time. He then reassures me that he is ok. I get him down and I tip toe my way over the pee, walk out the door to flag my mom so she can bring me his spare set of clothes. She then asked if he made it in time. I look at her, look down at my pants and say he made it in time. After I washed and cleaned Gio I began cleaning the floor and bathroom before walking out feeling defeated. Let’s just say I no longer like pez dispensers especially the one’s with Strawberry Shortcakes head. 

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