Apples and peanut butter

My parents are over and eating dinner with the kids. Gio is not feeling so well as he’s had the sniffles all day and really no appetite . He decides that apples and peanut butter would make him feel better. He looks at me and asks me so sweetly if he can have some. Before running to get them for him (which is really what I wanted to do) I told him he would need to eat one more rice in order to get the apples and peanut butter. My little cutie picked up one grain of rice, held it between his two fingers to be sure we all saw it, and with a huge smile on his face placed it in his mouth. He immediately told me he ate ONE rice. We all looked at each other and began laughing. It really was my fault. He did exactly what I asked even though I meant another fork full of rice and not just one. He was still smiling as everyone continued laughing. I wanted to just eat him all up. My clever little man.  He sure did receive apples and peanut butter along with a bunch of kisses and a little cheek squeeze too.  

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