Welcome the reminders

The kids are calmly playing in the kitchen until I hear some loud noises. I begin to make my way in that direction and hear Isa yelling at Gio then she calls him a baby aggressively. I was just about to walk in there and immediately let Isannah know that we do not talk to people in that manner but something stopped me. I think the expression on Gio’s face made me just stop, pull back and listen from a distance. As I began to listen and see what was going on I noticed they were reenacting scenes from Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus. It was the part where the mean girl “Charlotte” was calling Virginia names and pulled a special Christmas book she made out of her hands and threw it to the ground. Charlotte then called Virginia a baby stating there was NO Santa. Giovanni and Isannah said and did everything the way it was played in the movie without missing a beat. The expressions on their faces were exactly the way they needed to be in each roll they played. After it was over the other would say it was their turn, and then they started up all over again. From pulling and slamming the book, to the sad faces and mean words. It was as though I was watching my very own show starring Giovanni and Isannah as Charlotte and Virginia. I couldn’t help but smile the entire time. Then after about 3 times each they began to giggle and hug each other. It was the most amazing thing to watch.

How can these two kids already know all the emotions and show them so clearly? The love and kindness floating around the room filled my heart with so much hope. It’s moments like these that no matter the hard times you experience this brings you back to a hope that things are truly good and we just need to open our eyes to it. Faith that love conquers all, and trust that you are right where you need to be. I have two little teachers in my life that remind me every day how great life is and how much we should appreciate every moment. What better reminders than children. 

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