Shimmy and shake

Watching Gio shimmy and shake between his toys and chairs makes me smile. I don’t know how to explain it but as I see his tushie side step to get through a tight corner my heart just melts. His face so happy and animated, his little body moving in all twisted ways. This causes tears to slowly roll down my cheeks. I am taking back to the beginning and see my tiny baby boy attached to tubes and machines and I can’t help but cry a little harder. Right at that moment Gio quickly turns around and tilts his head and just smiles in my direction. I melt all over again reach out for him and he runs forcefully in my arms. He is one of my little miracles, I take his smell in and just look up and say THANK YOU. I am blessed times two. Gio goes back to his shimmy and shake as we wait for Isannah to get up from a long nights sleep. No matter the struggles you are faced and the pain that accompanies each difficult time when you look into your babies eyes you know God has a plan and he is a great God. 

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