Mom’s creativity

After listening to the craziness coming from the back seat of my car I couldn’t help but look through my rear view mirror and laugh uncontrollably. Gio woke up 40 minutes away from our house on the drive back from Monroe, NY and he decided to scream to the Heavens. Mom tried everything to keep him calm. From wearing two pairs of baby sunglasses on her head along with her own seeing glasses to furry things on her head and stickers on her face and hands. She had kids books set up along the seat tops and sound effects for each toy she could possibly hold. Keep in mind all this being done with an Italian BK accent while trying to name things and create stories from the pictures in the kids books since she can’t read all the words well in English. The finisher was the best. She found a small bag pouch which she spoke into while opening and closing it to show that someone was in there talking back to her. I think at that point Gio FINALLY stopped screaming to stare at Nonna to see what the heck was wrong with her. The sounds, cries, laughter and love that filled that car today on the drive home confirmed what an amazing mom I have and what a blessed Nonna Gio and Isa are lucky to have. I adore my mother and every day I adore her even more. She is the definition of pure angelic love and being. I couldn’t have made that drive without her…my life drive without her and I am grateful everyday that I don’t have to.

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