Family, Life and Love

Family, Life and Love. Three powerful words, amazingly beautiful together but scary and horrifying as well. We all have this beautiful vision of what family is. Either we are born into the family that everyone wants or a family that needs a lot of stitching, bandages and healing time. Family is what it is. It’s not always about love but when it comes down to it…it should be. The individuals that make up a family are grown with love.

Life is as it sounds. It’s waking up everyday living, breathing and being.

We all have family issues, hiccups and heartaches but we also have happiness, cheek aching laughter and tender embraces of hope filled dreams.

Love always tries to be the stronger word. It sees the good in all the bad. The hope in all of the sadness, pain and fear and the faith that things can always be better than what we allow. Sadly, the fights, the tears and fear cause the family side to override the love that is desperately trying to blanket all our hearts.

See no matter how much you love. How much you miss someone. No matter how much you wish you were able to get past all the pain and heartache that someone(s) in your family has caused there’s always that thin needle piercing your love filled heart crippling it for even longer. Causing the healing to be delayed and/or put off until closure is presented in some way. You try to find that closure on your own but sometimes all that’s needed is to face it. To confront the person(s) so that together you can find closure and therefore move on.

In some cases moving on is forced and problems, misdoings, misunderstandings get swept away for the moment until all the dust that lies beneath collects and the inevitable explosions erupt. This is when you relive the pain and then it intensifies in a way that there is no turning back. You become lost and forgiving is a word in the far unattainable distance.

Before we let it get that far. Before the family bond breaks apart piece by piece. Family member by family member until there’s no family at all. Just a tree made up of frail lifeless dead branches we should try to let love fill that pain first.

Inside we all want that tree to be alive and thriving. To stretch towards the sun and fill with arms (branches) that hug, and hold life and love in. Even if we don’t want to admit it we wish for our tree to be filled with love of branches. Leaves of hope, the strength of family and life from the foundation that brings it all together.

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4 thoughts on “Family, Life and Love

  1. catherine ruggiero says:

    very powerful, all that u express is so true!

  2. Claire D says:

    Sometimes its harder to forget even if you try to forgive. Your symbolizing and wording to bring the family harmony together is a better way of making sense of what we deal with. It makes me see things a different way which I will take all I can take because it’s hard to forget. Even with all the forgiveness talk. Its still hard.

  3. Francesca says:

    Catherine, thank you kindly for your comment.

    Claire, I’m glad I was able to write something that you could relate to and also help you see things differently. Sometimes we are so focused on what’s going on that we can’t see anything else and it just makes it more difficult to move past what we are in the middle of. I hope I was able to help in some way. Please feel free to write and comment any time. I will do my best to keep posting and responding as much as I can. I truly hope you can find peace and enjoy the beautiful life you are meant to have.

  4. Francesca says:

    Thank you for your comments.

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