A dance in your heart

When there’s so much sadness, heartache and confusion in the world sometimes all that’s needed is a dance to bring you back to a place of happiness and love.

Seeing the kids excitement as they danced to freestyle in the living room brought me to a place of calm and joy. I just stared as they giggled, moved and wiggled with these smiles that would light up any moment. They were having too much fun and with all that’s surrounding us, I decided to get up and join them. Feeling the music and letting my body go while giggling with the two miracles dancing before me was just what I needed. It wasn’t long until we pulled my sister Mary and mother to their feet so they too could enjoy the music and life that was taking place in our home.

The laughter, dance moves and constant giggles continued for what felt like a lifetime. It’s been way too long since this happened last and I couldn’t understand why.

In the middle of all the death, hatred and sadness, we lived, laughed and loved. We just enjoyed being here. I couldn’t stop laughing watching my mom and sister keep up with Giovanni and Isannah. There was no holding back. We were dancing like we were at the biggest club party. It was a great feeling and it was being felt all around.

It’s times like these you remember what’s important in life and how grateful we are to be surrounded by family.

Remember there is always a dance in your heart.

3 thoughts on “A dance in your heart

  1. Synth cheech says:

    Dancing to favorite music! The best !!! I do it all the time ! … In my kitchen … Alone .. Like no one is watching !!

    • Francesca says:

      You have to. It’s amazing to just let the music take over and free your mind of any troubles and sorrows and just be. I’m so happy to know you enjoy the dance.

      • Aunt cheech says:

        Yep ! That was me ! As I’m reading this … Ummm synth Cheech ? That was me … Spellcheck did it again … Love you …aunt Cheech!…
        RIP …. It’s so easily said , and we mean it with all our hearts … But can we all try to live in peace too ? + LIP – RIP !

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