Sounds from downstairs

As I was walking up the stairs to get ready for our day I heard dance music pop on the stereo. All of the sudden I heard the excitement in Gio and Isa’s voices. Isa exclaimed to her daddy this was her favorite and although I wasn’t in the room I could feel her dancing and grinning from ear to ear. Gio was following her lead and I was smiling while getting ready. I heard the giggles and laughter getting louder from downstairs. Then I heard my favorite sound. Isa let out her famous woohoo while dancing about. Although I couldn’t see my husbands face I knew the expression he was wearing and that just made me smile and laugh so much more. It was wonderful knowing that all this love, joy and pure happiness was taking place right below me. I couldn’t help but giggle on and off but I didn’t go downstairs immediately. I just sat and closed my eyes to imagine the scene that was taken place downstairs. Sometimes you just want to take a deep breath away from it all to take it all in and appreciate it more. Woohoo!

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