Pink Ballet Slippers

While I was looking for something in the closet my foot touched something soft on the floor so I looked down. All of the sudden I felt tingles throughout my body. My foot touched the ballet slippers I wore while on hospital bed rest during my pregnancy. I couldn’t help but smile and then almost cry remembering that time. I enjoyed being pregnant. Those memories made me smile until the memories of home bed rest, preeclampsia, hospital bed rest and the NICU surfaced. I tried to block all those thoughts and moments out of my head just to stare back at the slippers and remember the happy time of my pregnancy. Feeling the flutters of kicking in my belly. Watching my belly grow and documented each growth with a photo. I used to love it when my husband took photos of my belly. I could see in his eyes how excited he was too. He enjoyed taking the photos and watching me grow. I just knew it inside that he did. It was a beautiful time and experience. I knew being pregnant would feel amazing but I never knew just how precious the gift could be. I had two tiny hearts inside me to add to my own big heart. All beating together. Each beat brought all of us closer together. It’s an experience I don’t think I could possibly explain but what I do know is it’s a magical time. A time where love grows in a way that touches your toes and curls your hair. It’s a time where you are creating the beauty of life within you. It’s like being born again with a light that shines around you and carries you to safety each step of the way. It’s a beauty of life that opens up a part of your heart you didn’t know existed. All these feelings lead to finally being a mother and holding your children for the first time and thinking, what do I do now besides love them always? I was afraid and to this day still fear that I may be doing something wrong in all the right I pray to do.

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  1. Karyn Ruggiero says:

    Your writing touches my heart and gives me chills. So many emotions, and they flow from your thoughts to ours. Thank you for always sharing.

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