Turning 1

First Birthday (1)

I don’t know where to begin…this year has been….WOW. With the fears, tears, joys, extra love, hugs and kisses we’ve gotten through it all. I feel the saying holds true, If God takes you to it, he will get you through it, and that he does! When it seems like all hope is lost and you are more scared than you ever thought possible, he gives you more hope and love. After meeting and marrying my husband I never thought I could love anymore but each day I see his smile and look into the eyes of our babies, and love just grows stronger and you feel it more. I can’t explain it but it hugs my body, keeps me warm and lifts my soul. I never knew what love, true love, pure love, unconditional love was until my family. I love our family. You complete me. Happy 1st birthday, Giovanni and Isannah Mia! You make us proud.

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