New tricks aren’t always fun

Let’s see, today was an interesting day. It started with Gio’s new thing which is making himself throw up…tons of fun. It looks like Isa is learning this cool new trend as she threw up shortly after Gio did. The best thing about Gio’s throw up was that it not only got all over him, the chair, the floor and mommy but he made sure that the last of it didn’t come out until I looked directly in his face to say the words, poor baby. Mouth wide open at the poor…and out came more throw up. Right in my mouth, the kid has perfect aim but he wasn’t done. One little sneeze which blew out more from his nose that splashed on my eyebrows and eyelashes. As I swallowed a combination of food, broken down protein formula and some milk all I can do is hold this little man in my arms and reassure him mommy was there and he would be fine. Just another day in the Newcomer home.

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