Isannah’s first polish application

Today my daughter turned to me with her sweet kind eyes and soft smile to say, “mommy, polish my nails please.” I couldn’t say no this time. I asked her what color she wanted and she said, “pink.” I looked right at her and told her I would. She beamed from ear to ear and gave me the biggest hug ever. I was on a mission to locate pink polish in our home and found just the perfect one for my baby, I mean little big girl. She saw the polish in my hand and began to smile even bigger. I rushed over to her and began polishing first her fingernails and then her toenails. She couldn’t contain her excitement as she kept looking at each finger I painted over and over with a smile. As I was painting each nail I made sure to explain to her that she needed to let the nails dry before touching anything. She sat really still but at times would move a slight bit before she realized she wasn’t supposed to move and froze again. Finally when she couldn’t take it any more she turned to me and asked if she could stand up. I told her it was fine for her to move now. She moved only one foot before asking me again if she could take another step. She was so afraid to mess up her nails that she moved so slowly across the floor. She finally made it to the section of toys that she was eyeing from across the room. Once she got there she just stood still and stared at them. The expression on her face was priceless. It was as though she was having a conversation with her toys with her mind and not her words. I finally walked over to her touched her nails to test them and she almost cried. She thought I was going to ruin her nails. When I explained I was testing to make sure they were dry so she could play her expression softened. With a smile on my face I confirmed that they were all set. She looked at me, took a deep breath and said, “I love you so much.” She began playing with her toys but every so often she would glance at her fingers and toes just to smile. What a sweet experience. Who thought polish could bring so much emotion and unconditional joy! 

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2 thoughts on “Isannah’s first polish application

  1. Bubbe says:

    This was a really lovely story! It’s hard to imagine how ones heart contains the precious moments of our lives!

  2. Antonia says:


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