Laughter is perfect!

I was talking to a friend of mine today on the street when a few parents she knew walked in our direction. They stopped to exchange hellos and some pleasantries until someone mentioned wrinkles. My friend began to say that she noticed several more wrinkles around her eyes and mouth. Before my friend could finish the conversation a lady from the group immediately said it was her own fault. I looked surprised as I glared in her direction to listen to the words that would follow. My friend was also surprised and asked what she meant. Without hesitation the lady told her, it was because she laughed too much. My wheels were spinning. How can a person laugh too much, I thought. I kept my mouth shut just to give this person the opportunity to speak kinder words and clarify but boy was I wrong. She continued telling my friend that the more she laughed the more she would ruin her face. Adding that she could see it had already begun. I looked at her almost wrinkle free face and moved closer to my friend. I could see my friends shoulders slouch as the look of embarrassment came across her face. This lady began talking about how she has next to no wrinkles because she keeps a steady face and my friend should try it some time. At this point I heard enough. I didn’t care who she was or how good of a friend she was to my friend, but I couldn’t let her emotionally abuse her. Of course, me and my big mouth had to intervene. I looked first straight at that lady then immediately at my friend. I told her it was perfectly fine to smile and laugh as much as she could. That it is one of the best sounds to hear. That no matter what this person said her wrinkles showed the world all the joys and love she experienced and that was beautiful. I told my friend that each line represented an emotion, a memory, a time in her life that she experienced and that made her grow even more beautiful than she already was. This lady huffed as I was talking to my friend which only made me smile.

What is wrong with people? If you want to live a wrinkle free, detached, no feeling life than that is your choice but do not criticize those who want to feel all the joys life has to offer. Life is filled with many things, it’s up to us to embrace it. Take it all in and just be. We all have our own journey to live. Live it the best way you know how. Love unconditionally, laugh until your cheeks hurt so much you cry, and NEVER let anyone take your joy away from you. So we get a few wrinkles in the process, it only means you lived.

As for the stone cold person, I was sure to laugh so loudly that those surrounding us had to turn and smile because they felt the joys laughter can bring. A smile is contagious, let’s spread it around! 

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  1. Antonia says:

    It’s important to smile.

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