Morning after Christmas

The morning after Christmas while Giovanni, Isannah and I walked downstairs Giovanni smiled with excitement. He paused on the steps so he could take the picture in front of him in. The Christmas tree lights were on and the train tracks along with the trains that Santa brought him the day before were still set up all around the living room floor. He looked up at me and yelled “it’s still here.” My heart filled with pure joy as I told him, yes it’s still here. Santa left it for you. He turned to me and asked, “we keep it?” I couldn’t help but scoop him up into my arms, squeeze him as tight as I could without crushing him and kissing his cute smiling cheeks. Of course, I told him. These are your Christmas gifts from Santa. He made the most interesting face followed by smiles and laughter. This little sweet boy thought those gifts were for a day and once Christmas was over the gifts would return. The pure innocence, joy and appreciation on Isannah and Giovanni’s face made tears stream down my face. I couldn’t believe how excited they both were. It was Christmas all over again. Isannah walked over to her horse castle and looked over at me to ask if she could play with it. I nodded and smiled and she began beaming. The trains turned on. The horses klipped and klopped along the castle ramps and the room was filled with the joys of Christmas all over again. This was the best Christmas ever. The joy of giving, the love and spirit of the holidays live in our hearts every day and fill our homes with life.

May the joy, warmth and love of the holidays fill your home. May each of you feel as though you are a child again with the excitement of Santa in your heart and the twinkle of happiness in your eyes. Let us remember the beauty of Christmas and all that it holds.

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