The joys of Jingle

Today was the day to remove the ornaments and lights from our Christmas tree, Jingle so I began while the kids were napping. I had just removed the bottom section when Giovanni woke up. As we walked down the stairs he gasped for air. I immediately turned to him to see if he was ok. He stood staring at Jingle then turned to me and said, “Jingle is sad.” I explained to him that it was time to say good bye to Jingle and that he was happy to be going to see his friends. Boy, did he make the sweetest face ever while explaining how much he loved Jingle and how he should stay here in our home. I tried to talk to him and make him understand that Jingle did an amazing job bringing such beauty to our home for Christmas but he just stood and stared. Giovanni asked if he could help but every time he put away an ornament he would ask Jingle if he was ok.

Gio would look at Jingle and have a conversation. You ok, Jingle? It’s ok, Jingle. It doesn’t hurt don’t worry. Then he would touch Jingles branch as to almost hug it. It was the sweetest kindest expression. The ornaments and lights were about done when he announced once again that he loved Jingle SOOOO much and he should stay here. He wasn’t ready to say goodbye and frankly neither was I. Jingle was the best tree we’ve had and he was as beautiful as the day we saw him. This tree brought such warmth and inspiration to our home. It was hard to see her bare again. Finally, Asher lifted Jingle and carried him out. When Giovanni and Isannah saw what was happening they became very sad. They repeated that Jingle wasn’t ready and he needed to stay here. Giovanni began crying while repeating Jingle, Jingle, Jingle over and over again. He went to a corner in the kitchen sat down and just cried. The word Jingle was repeated a number of times and every once in a while he would say he loved Jingle. It was the sweetest yet saddest thing. He paced around the room crying Jingle for about 15 minutes. I let him express himself as I swept all the last remains of Jingle until I found one little branch. I went to Giovanni and asked him if he wanted to hold a piece of Jingle with him. He said yes and the tears slowly stopped.

Things were getting back to normal for Giovanni and Isannah until I saw him look in the direction of where Jingle once stood and he became sad again. I was able to meet his eyes with mine and give him and every thing is ok look. He didn’t cry even though I knew he wanted to only returned to listen to daddy read a book. It was a learning experience for us all. A love so innocent and true. Ah, the joys of Jingle. 


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